Briquetting Plant In Bhutan

69% of the people are employed under agricultural sector so there will be no shortage of the agro waste which can be used for the producing of white coal. Bhutan experience very hot & sub tropical climate so the moisture level must be maintain to have superior quality Briquettes.

So for certain raw material it might not need the Turbo Dryer but if the agro waste contain the high moisture level it need of the drying the ingredients needed for the making of biomass briquettes. Every raw material may will not have size below 25mm so Crusher machine is required for maintaining raw material size to manufacture White Coal.

Rice, maize, wheat, barley are the major cereal crops cultivated in Bhutan and especially rice is the most preferred food in the Bhutan so they will be having much amount of the rice husk with them which can be recycled to produce bio fuel an pure environment friendly Briquettes.

If we talk about economy so it is not developed much so one should give motivation to open more & more numbers of the industries & the best way is to open an eco friendly plant which is a profitable business along with sustaining Green Environment. Bhutan has mining, food processing, energy & commerce industries so they will be having too much waste left over in food processing which can be easily be used as an input in the bio coal briquetting machines for the production of the briquettes.

Since last 2 decades as a manufacturer & supplier of the briquetting press plant we have experienced that doing business is a tough task but to set up an briquetting plant is very easy as it is 100% eco friendly with low investment and huge benefits it will work sa an assets for an country that will provide an economic and societal benefits

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