Briquetting In West Bengal

Briquetting Press in West Bengal

West Bengal is enriched with the waste like Rice, Wheat, Groundnut Shell and other agro-forestry waste among all Rice Husk and Rice Straw are the main waste for making Briquettes also there is famous Forest name Duarsini where lots of Forestry leaves, woodchips are available so West Bengal is such a state where personal can think of installing briquette press, Briquetting Machine, it will be ensured that he will earn high profits.

We Jay Khodiyar have taken initiative by selling 35+ Briquettes plant which are running well and as Renewable Energy is supported by government even they are rewarded with various benefits of subsidies, free tax etc so it is package of profits for people using Biomass Briquetting Machine.

West Bengal is quiet bigger state of India so people have many ways of doing commercial Business of Briquettes such as using them as a Biofuel in Boilers, Gasifier Units etc. and they can sell domestically in any part of India through which they can earn good bugs from this Business so West Bengal is exploring nation where Green Energy can be promoted among society.

Briquetting process is the conversion of agricultural waste into uniformly shaped briquettes that is easy to use, transport and store.

Biomass briquetting machine is used to make energy fuel briquettes from biomass waste. Briquetting machine is an energy saving machine and renewable source of energy Briquetting press In West Bengal.

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