Briquetting In Nepal

Agriculture has always been a risky issue in the Nepal but then too they try to manage to grow few very important crops like pulses, rice, corn, wheat, sugarcane, jute, root crops. Industries contribute less in the growth & development of the country as compared to the services & agriculture. So there will be agro waste which will be wasted idealistically which can be very well used with the proper planning in the raw material to manufacture briquettes.

In trying to increase the agriculture production Nepal is trying to invest more & more so the government will try to increase the production & also there be waste which is unutilized which can be used in the making of the bio mass briquettes by installing Briquetting Machine.

So there is vast range of opportunities is there for the people who are thinking of starting of their business or a briquetting plantbecause only 1 unit is there in Nepal, by opening of the other unit of bio mass briquettes one can also create the demand for the briquettes.

The small area of forest are found in the Nepal as due to the more population compared to the land coverage available to them & also there is high level of moisture contain found in the crops so there will be high moisture level in the waste which is used as raw material for bio coal briquetting.

The forest are not found very rich in contain & also a high level of heavy rainfall is found so if any one try to focus on the agriculture there can be large amount of crops can be grown & there waste can directly or indirectly can be used as one of the ingredient for briquettes.

One can start up their business making the combination of waste for easily available for White coal which will also create an opportunity of employment. There are good relation between India & Nepal & also Nepal is a neighbor country of India so it is a right time to start up your own business of Briquetting Plant & create new dimensions for the people of Nepal.

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