Briquettes Press In Kentucky

The energy potential of waste biomass having natural ingredients that helps tp form with low ash content Briquettes which are cost effective, 100% natural with high burning efficiency. The key to the large-scale production of fuel in the form of Energy from biomass is by managing waste in such a way that helps to sustain Environment with Economic benefits.

Unlike fossil fuel, biomass is renewable in the sense that with lignite present in the raw material helps to form best quality Briquettes as an Energy Resource.

With our latest Biomass Briquettes Press, Briquetting Press, Briquette Machine, Briquetting Machine, wood chipper machine, wood powder dryer machine, waste management is done that will manufacture Briquettes by providing enormous advantages like pollution free, cheapest renewable energy, rising demand due to its capability of replacing fossil fuels, etc. as energy is the key factor for the growth and development of the country and high standard of living, Briquetting Plant is purely Green Project by producing Briquettes as an by-product.

We Jay Khodiyar Group with a view to spread awareness about Green Project with updated technology installed our Plant in Kentucky that ultimately shows a positive impact on Economy as well as Society and overall cycle of reusing biomass and converting into new product.

Mostly saw dust and corn waste are used as a raw material in Kentucky for regenerating energy in the solid form of Briquettes and are regularly used in chemical industries, thermal applications, Gasifier system, etc.

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