Briquettes Plants In Lithuania

Biomass represents the most common source of renewable energy in Lithuania. Majorly found Forest wood waste, Wood chips, rice husk in Lithuania which are recycled to manufacture Wood Briquettes or Rice Husk Briquettes which shows a huge business opportunity with one time investment and can have enormous benefits in future with demanding product in the market.

With a concern regarding the emerging issue of lack of fossil fuel and increasing price with a aim to sustain Environment with alternative bio energy which is the superior and cheapest way through Biomass Briquettes Plant .

There is a need to reduce the volume of green house emission with a view to take precautions from greenhouse effect, global warming and other calamities where people are aware about bio fuel and Briquettes as a substitute product of coal and fuels.

Environment protection was the issue where government of Lithuania is focuses on Green Environment and sustains resources as non conventional resources causes pollution and hazardous to environment too by installing Biomass Briquettes Plants. So bio fuel is used to prevent the adverse effect to Environment and society too.

Agricultural, forestry and some of the industrial waste are reused to regenerate Energy in the form of BriquettesJay Khodiyarwith leading manufacturer in Briquettes Plants to produce 100% Environment friendly Briquettes which are regularly exercised in leather industries, chemical industriesSolvent Extraction Plant, etc that helps to gain economic benefit with development in major sectors .

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