Briquette Plant In Egypt

With the help of recycling and reusing waste of forest will intern produces a new Environment Friendly product through one of the modern technology Briquetting Plant which is in huge demand.

The main problem farmers and rural development facing are of enormous waste as due to an agriculture tradition with agriculture waste and forest waste available in Egypt which I day by day expanding. While to combine the tradition along with modern technology with alertness to sustain Environment by adopting new technology which helps in waste management with rises in the agriculture sector that lead to overall economy.

The amount of agriculture waste in Egypt ranges from 22 to 26 million tons per year with major waste of rice, corn , wheat, cotton and sugarcane which can be recycled to manufacture Briquettes through Briquetting Plant Manufacturer which is an purely eco friendly product.

As per the type and quantity of agricultural waste changes village to village due to cultivation done by farmer for most profitable way and for welfare of environment and climate effects on agricultural sector. So maximum waste can be reused to regenerate White Coal which can replace non conventional resources.

Bio Coal is 100% natural product with highest thermal value as compare to other fuels, where Bio coal is produced from our Briquette Machine, Briquette Press, Briquetting Equipment prevent environment from being polluted as there is no sulfur content in it and are ideally sized for complete combustion while used in chemical industries, Gasifier system, brick making units, industrial thermal applications , etc.

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