Briquette Press Machine In France

France has been one of the most dominant country in the agricultural sector while in center of Europe with increase in growing vegetables and planting more and more crops and seeds even exporting the same that crates an opportunity for France to explore in agriculture sector.

People of France emphasis on non polluting and renewable source of Energy by creating an awareness of natural bio fuel know an Briquettes/White coal an ultimate alternative of non conventional resources. Because of more wastage of agriculture that was an issue of land pollution and unsafe for environment too by disposing or burning it adversely, installed Briquette Plant to solve the issue by regenerating Energy fuel in the form of solid cylindrical Briquettes.

Jay Khodiyar is leading manufacturer in briquette making plant along with Biomass Rotary Dryer to reduce the moisture content from raw material if raw material is wet and a Biomass Crusher that facilitate to reduce the size of the raw material. With a aim to spread the Go Green Concept with Fruitful Business Opportunity, we provide the best technology updated Briquetting Equipment to manufacture superior quality Briquettes which provides high burning Efficiency with minimum ash content.

Corn cobs, wheat straw and wood chips are majorly available in France which can be managed and reused as a raw material to regenerate bio fuel through Briquettes Press.

There is a giant demand of renewable energy allover as the only cheapest and most beneficial way to replace coal, diesel and other fuels. France focuses on Bio product, where there is an opportunity development business widely by adopting updated technology of briquette making machine manufacturing Briquettes that can be exercised in major Industrial sectors for heating, boiling and thermal applications.

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