Briquetting In Kerala

Briquettes Machine In Kerala

One of the surprising elements about the Kerala is they not only famous for coconut & paddy but they have many other cash crops like tea, coffee, pepper, nut, ginger & cardamom. So the waste of all such crops can be highly used as the raw material in making of the Briquettes. Also they have wide area of forest so the forestry waste can also be one of the raw materials.

As Kerala is the state with highest population so there won’t be more issue with the awareness of the briquettes & briquetting machines as it is non conventional energy source so the people in Kerala would be highly interested in using such a fuel which generates no smoke, no pollution in the environment and cleanliness in the state.

Till now in Kerala nearly about 15 briquetting machines are been sold till date and they are made aware to use Briquettes as fuel instead of coal or other fossil fuel for boiler. white coal briquetting plant can be the profitable centre in the Kerala as they have many big factory outlets where huge amount of fossil fuel are used & this is the best substitute for them.

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