Biomass Dryer 4000

Jay Khodiyar Biomass Drying System and Flash Drying System can be used to dry any material such as agricultural waste, forestry waste, municipal solid waste, and wood powder.

The results of the dryer are based on the moisture content of the raw material and the size of the raw material.

Our Biomass Dryer or Flash Dryer is designed to reduce moisture from 35% to 10/15%. Which is suitable for briquette Machine systems, biomass power plants, pellet mills, and other industries.

Also Known as biomass dryer system, turbo dryer, or biomass crusher.

Technical Specifications

Input Raw Material

Any agriculture waste, any wood grinding powder

Raw Material Dia Size

Up to 5mm

Raw Material Length Size

Up to 10

In Put (Feed) Moisture

Up to 35%

Out Put Moisture

Up to 15%

Power Required

91 HP

Production Capacity

Up to 4000 Kg/Hr 10% ± (*The production capacity depends on the density and moisture of the raw material)

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