Benefits Of Biomass Briquettes

Briquettes are high density biomass renewable fuels that are obtained as the end product of biomass briquetting machines. They have high calorific value and less moisture content so they have complete combustion. The rising need due to rising demand of renewable energy as non-renewable fossil fuels are about to extinct. They are cheaper as compared to the other source of energy. Briquettes have the brightest future as the raw material is easy available and end product has a huge ready market available.

Due to global awareness the demand of bio-mass briquettes is increasing. More and more sectors are setting up their own briquetting plant to reuse the waste obtained from their industries into their industries again. Government has started providing subsidies and started giving benefits for the plant set up. They are giving us tax benefits, incentives and many other help. The viability is thus very high. We can reproduce the investment within the span of two years.

Biomass Briquetting

  • Rising demand due to increasing cost of fossil fuel like coal, wood, etc.
  • Renewable source of fuel and energy
  • Tax benefits and incentives
  • Earlier viability
  • Relaxed rules
  • Pollution free briquettes as there is no presence of sulfur content
  • Easy mobility and transportation
  • Contain high density